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Compared to the previous Air Max 2014, Air Max 2015 running shoes on weight reduction of nearly 50 grams, thanks be to simplify upgrading vamp after its single seamless mesh design for the shoe body weight, while also provide excellent ventilation effect; in addition, shoe eyelets Language unique structure put Flywire fly line to maximize the role of science and technology, perfect control different foot type, at the same time enhance the comfort, without sacrificing supportive. And as each pair of Air Max shoes design focus air cushioning Technology, Air Max 2015 running shoes cushion Max Air unit has become the focus of functional shoes where: barrel structure can greatly increase the capacity of the air with a single step in order to run foot during exercise to provide strong support; in addition, its curved recesses can fully guarantee the shoes more flexibility and agility, making runners more comfortable in motion; and finally, Waffle outsole rubber shoes as decision long durability decisive design and good traction. 20th anniversary, NSW will bring more than new color on the classic Air Max 95 shoes, two pairs of eyes Nike Air Max 95 Premium quality color and black gold, respectively wheat color rendering dress, familiar classic shoes, with full leisure experience and luxurious feel brand new feeling, to commemorate the twentieth anniversary and celebrate the birth of Air Max 95, Nike introduced two new Nike Air Max 95 shoes: Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard and female models Nike Air Max 95 Ultra. In the mid-1990s, Nike running (Nike Running) series achieved early success increasingly faded, and the revolutionary Air Max family yet to show its full potential, Nike running series once again the need for air max 95, To completely change this situation, the leadership of Nike running products all bets are pressed Sergio Lozano (Sergio Lozano) The young designer who, while Lozano also against all the odds, proved this Adventure is worthwhile, Lozano designed Air Max 95 is "different" epitomizes the word. Previously no one Nike shoes have such a structure, color, and surprisingly forefoot visible air cushion design. In the fourth year working in Nike, Nike running Lozano altered gene products to stimulate the imagination of a new generation of designers. To commemorate and celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the birth of Air Max 95, Nike introduced two new Nike Air Max 95 shoes: Nike Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard and female models Nike Air Max 95 Ultra. Both are from the original models Air Max 95 is closely linked to the hands of designers, and keeping up with the pace of Lozano, the first to use a new production process. If you ask Nike designer Ben Yun is what attracted him to Nike, he answers without hesitation. For long been a footwear designer Ben Yun concerned, Nike Air Max 95 design represent thought and freedom. "I understand from a graphic designer there is a pair of shoes is how to design, which is a traditional shoe-making process, while Sergio Lozano broke all the traditional rules, so I have been inspired from , "Yun recalls. In his eyes, Nike is a place where designers can unfettered freedom to create a place where everything is possible. A year later Yun came to Oregon. It was not his first Nike Air Max 95 project, but Yun found this to attract him into this Nike Air Max 95 is different from the previous design tasks he designed for this shoe. "Other Nike Air Max 95 I designed most of the application of new and innovative element, and consistent with the original classic design,cheap air max, such as Nike Air Max95 Engineered Mesh mesh design engineering. The Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard is a real breakthrough Limit sneakers. "from the upper to the sole, Ultra Jacquard fully embodies the sports excellence. Yun drawn from Lozano inspired shoe design, monolithic upper with ancient jacquard weaving, which depicts the story of a new human anatomy in a single layer fabric. In addition, this shoe also features a second-generation Nike fly line technology to replace the original nylon mesh weaving. "The human body fascia is a soft tissue. The second generation of Nike Fly vibrant weaving technology, capable of flexible movement together with the foot on the foot to form a protective Both can be said to be a natural fit." The final Air Max 95 Ultra Jacquard with the original Air Max 95 very different but the same strain, able to meet all the needs of daily life.

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